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Our Beloved Rusty

This is Rusty

Our Cottage Pets Policy

Short of banning pets completely please read the following:

Yes, well managed cats and dogs are allowed provided the rules are followed. They must not be allowed to roam. Even on the beach other people do not want strange dogs running up to them.

Pets must be free of fleas and shedding. Dogs must not be left alone to bark and stool must be cleaned up. Aggressive pets, pets that are not well trained and managed are NOT welcome.

In time past on occasion the pet rules have been ignored which has resulted with unpleasant exchanges with neighbors. This can be avoided if tenants are faithful in keeping the dog tied up even if they see someone else's dog running loose.

Often other cottages are not occupied, but the neighbors keep an eye out for the vacant properties so it is important that you not allow your pets to run loose even if another cottage is vacant.

Neighbors, should you meet them, can be most pleasant and agreeable but stray dogs on their property will understandably test their patience. If the pet rules are followed there should be no problem and the unpleasant exchanges should be avoided.

Lots of pets have come to the cottage and enjoyed their stay too, as it should be. If the above is followed, they are most certainly welcome.

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Our beloved Rusty passed away February 2005, but fond memories of him thru the years will always be there in our hearts.