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Bayfield Cottage Winters - Yes, I rent in some winters.

It sure is a fun thing to be there in the winter. Like sailing at night compared to day...a whole different experience.

Tamarack rental cottage at Christmas time in Bayfield Ontario

There are lots of cross country ski trails in the county. Its the getaway from the office...that charges the can get to you in the winter too and yes the south is nice but being at a "summer" cottage in winter might be a nice new wonderfully strange experience for you.

One of the things that is so striking in the winter on a still day is the silence as there are no birds and no sound of waves from the frozen lake. You know how it can be so quiet your ears almost hurt? It is so very, very different!

Seeing icicles on the cottage is an amazing feeling of disbelief and a thought of "wouldn't father be surprised if he knew people were now using their cottages when there was snow on the beach and not sand!"

My parents built the cottage next door in 1940
when I was three.
Bayfield Ontario cottage rental for winters





They would open 24th of May and close on Thanksgiving weekend. These dates were "cast in stone" for over 40 years as that's what people did.

This schedule was so ingrained in my psyche that when I first started using my cottage next door in the winter it seemed to me the strangest thing...sort of a "Twilight Zone" feeling because I was so steeped in the "summer open winter closed" cottage thinking.

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Enjoy winter cross country skiing in Bayfield Ontario or simply walk along the snow covered beach from the lakefront rental cottage and admire the fantastic view of the sparkling frozen lake at sunrise and sunset.