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Goderish Ontario

road map showing Bayfield Ontario and Goderich Ontario

Goderich is about 14 minutes north of Tamarack Cottage in Bayfield Ontario. It's a nice place to tour. Goderich Ontario has some magnificent huge old homes. I had the second floor rented in the huge house, known as "The Castle" by the natives, in the 1970's when I was young. The Castle is on the north east corner of the town overlooking the harbor. I believe the design is a copy of a castle in Scotland.

Across the street stands a huge Victorian mansion with tower. My mother who is over 95 was on the Dr Whitley household staff in this grand home probably around 1920 when she was a teenager.

West street is one of the "spokes" of the Square in Goderich Ontario. This street takes you to the beach. There you will find an extra long boardwalk along the beach. At the beach pavilion you can buy ice cream.

Another interesting Goderich site to see is the hiking trail that goes over the very high, old railway trestle bridge that spans the Maitland River. You can find this by taking the street that runs west off hwy 21 just before it goes north down to the river on the north edge of town. This bridge has massive support collums of cut limestone.

Of course there's lots more to see in the area; such as a magnificent new French country manor house in a meadow like setting with a magnificent view of the river valley near Auburn Ontario. Of course it's private, but if you love architecture a drive by is well worth while. Renters if you want directions phone me.

Also near this splendid home there's a two or three span old rusty trestle bridge with a wooden deck that rumbles when cars drive over, that's great to walk across in the evening. It's on a quiet country gravel road.

Sometimes I would take dinner guests out to this grand old lady, we would pile out of the car, and "walk the bridge". Most of these splendid old bridges are like church pump organs...gone! Forever I fear.

So, these are a few things to see around Goderich, just a short drive from Bayfield Ontario on the shores of Lake huron.

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Goderich is only one of many scenic areas in the local region of Bayfield Ontario. There are lots more. Information and maps are readily available at the Ontario Tourism boothes located conveniently in most of the neighbouring municipalities. All these are within a short drive of Tamarack lakefront rental cottage in Bayfield Ontario. Local festivities are also abundant in the summer and fall.