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Dear Romantic:

"Sow's Ear ... Silk Purse" poem:

Spread before you is the story of this simple diamond in the rough, at the top of a cliff, looking out to "sea", the enormous lake with the vast horizon...Huron of The Great Lakes, beside a ravine grown wild, on a patch of ground once part of a farmerís field.

Where birds twitter and rabbits hop and gulls call and sandpipers "wheel".

Where stars shine and nights blacken on moonless nights. Where breezes whisper and wind rages. Where ripples lap and waves pound.

Where sand is cool and sand is hot. Where sun bathes and rain splashes. Where screen door slams and mothers shout, too late, "Donít slam the door!".

Oh summer, summer, summer!...Oh Tamarack Tamarack your doors, let these good people come in and let the precious sweet dream begin.

Come to Tamarack...a "simple diamond in the rough". A simple frame cottage that is more cotton sack than "silk purse".

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This poem aptly portrays the rustic splendour of Tamarack on the Lake, a jewel amongst the rental cottages along the lakefront in Bayfield Ontario, Lake Huron shoreline.