Renting Tamarack Constitutes an AGREEMENT by you that

1. My (Kelvin Jervis) failure to supply the cottage with any utility, including hydro, water, septic, or by reason of fire, erosion, storm damage, insurance cancellation or non-renewal beyond my reasonable control, will result in the refund of the rent paid by you for the days not used, and save and except for such refund the landlord makes no warranty with respect to the premises.

2. You hereby acknowledge having read the entire Tamarack Website (http://www.tamarackcottage.com/) and accept the same as a term hereof.

3. The owner covenants to give you quiet enjoyment for the time of your occupancy and you covenant to vacate the premises on or before __________________________.

4. Date IN _______________________ (arrive not earlier than 3 PM).

5. Date OUT ____________________ (leave not later than 11 AM).

6. Approximate number of persons that will be at the cottage ________________.

7. Total amount of the rent ____________________ (non refundable)

8. Amount of deposit _______________ (half the total rent…non refundable) to be paid at time of acceptance of booking.

9. Amount of balance ________________ (the second half of total rent…also non refundable) to be paid not later than 30 days before the start of your rental period.

Signature of Renter: ____________________________ Date: ____________________

Renter's name (please print): __________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

City: ___________________

Province/State: ___________________ Postal/ZIP Code: _______________

Home Ph: __________________

Work Ph: __________________


Kelvin Jervis: _____________________________ Date: ____________________