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Tamarack lakefront rental cottage in Bayfield Ontario
- Property Details -

This section has a great more detail than the Home Page.
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"This is drop dead gorgeous!" 
...reads a quote in the cottage log book.

Dear cottage searcher:

One of my renters wrote in the cottage log book that her daughter exclaimed upon entering, "This is drop dead gorgeous!!"

This "drop dead gorgeous" section of the web site is for the reader that wants to know lots of detail.  If you are like me, you will be looking for something different.  Tamarack is precisely that.  Different!

If you want the short version without the feeling click Home on the menu bar.

Get comfortable because this "drop dead gorgeous" section is lengthy.  There are cottages that are much more spectacular, of course, but this place is special and has its own very special space in a very honest and simple country way.  Tamarack is about 3 miles out of Bayfield on Lake Huron.  More about Bayfield later, however first the beach and the cottage.

The Beach

The beach is quite lovely. It has a huge, wide expanse of clean “white” sand,  and is deserted most of the time.  It is right below the cottage...immediately at the foot of the steps. When you go into the water there are stones but likely a sandy bottom out a bit. Bring those water shoes to help those office pinkies over the stones in the water when you wade to the sand.

More About The Cottage

The outside walls of the cottage are covered with “red”cedar shingles, which now have turned to the characteristic grey like the cottages at Cape Cod.

Some pictures have been taken with a wide angle lens that can result in making the rooms appear bigger that what they really are. The living room is close to 20 x 24. Some of the furnishings are changed from time to time so will not be exactly as you see in the picture.

Tamarack is situated close to the lake cliff edge, next to a ravine resulting in a spectacular view of the lake from the living room. I have owned the place since 1984 and even yet, when I have been away for a couple of weeks I am once again impressed when I walk into the living room to see how close the lake is.

Remember the lakeside wall is nearly all windows. This room always gets an “ooh” and an “ah” from new arrivals!  As  teenager said, “a drop dead place!” You can also see the lake from the kitchen and both bedrooms if you “crane” your neck a bit.

There is one cottage some distance away on the lot to the north. The cottages beyond are hidden by a lovely stand of Austrian Pine trees. There is only one cottage close by to the south. The others are further back on their lots. I  put in 200 feet of cedar hedge on the property line, between the two cottages.

On the east side of the lane there are no second row cottages, but instead a huge farmer’s field with a crop giving you added privacy and a nice long distant view to the east.

The cottage is in quite a natural country setting with trees, open sunny lawns, tall grasses and wild vegetation such as Dog Wood and Sumac. A few years ago I had about an 8 foot spruce tree moved to the lot which must be about 25 feet high now. This tree is at the east end of the lot affording a nice scene with its drooping bows all the way to the ground.

There are lots of birds; I regularly see rabbits and sometimes chipmunks. I saw a deer in the above field.

My lot is about 44 feet wide and fairly deep. Understandably, all the space surrounding my lot is not mine.

Parking is at the east end of the lot. Under no circumstances are people to drive, park or use my neighbors cottage property. It is a bit of a carry when you arrive, but there is a wheelbarrow for your use. I ask that you not drive on the lawn as that would compact the soil over the septic tank weeping bed and compromise its function.


The kitchen has a large English, oak drawleaf table and six chairs. There is a large leaded window facing east, and 3 huge windows facing north. There is an electric stove, fridge, microwave, coffee maker, toaster. Hot and cold water on tap. There are dishes, pots and pans, cutlery, tea towels, dish towels, tea kettle and thermos tea pot. There is a double stainless steel sink and oak cupboards. There is NO barbeque.


There is a modern flush toilet, and sink. There is a ball and claw bathtub with shower and wrap around shower curtain. Of course there is hot and cold water.


We make up one queen sized poster bed for the main bedroom and a double bed for the second bedroom with sheets, pillows and a supply of blankets. For extra sleeping there are 2 single foam mattresses stored under the bed. I do not supply any bedding for these.

I once had someone who was booking for the first time say that they would bring their own sheets. I assured her that was not necessary. It is no more necessary than taking sheets to a hotel. These two beds have sheets, pillows and a supply of blankets.

Now each bed has  two down filled pillows and two “foam” filled so you can use your preference. For me the foam is always too high and too firm, even in hotels,  so at Tamarack at least you have a choice.


Electric baseboard heaters heat the cottage nicely. The wood stove has been removed.

TV, VCR and DVD but No TV Reception

There is a TV, VCR, CD player and DVD player in the living room and FM and AM radio in the kitchen and now also a radio in the larger bedroom. The TV is provided for use with the electronic devices. There is NO TV reception.


The telephone is now a private line (not a rural party line) and is touch tone.

Pitch Black Nights

There are no street lights so moonless nights are pitch black! Bring lots of flashlights. The view of the stars is fantastic, away from the pollution of the city lights. So far, no neighbor has put up an all night mercury vapor light to keep the that tiger and wolverine at bay,  so the beauty of the night remains unspoiled.

It’s a renewed experience to be in such a natural setting. This is the way it would have been a hundred years ago in the country. When I go to Florida the hotels light blast the experience of the night might as well be daylight and they don’t even have tigers and wolverines!

In July of 77 my father, then retired from the railroad 10 years, and I was 40,  sat in the car to watch the “shooting stars”. It was one of those cool, starry, pitch black nights.  It was that time of summer to see “falling stars”.

I recall what a great visit we had. Perhaps the best we had ever had. Possibly our only visit about life, pondering its meaning and the like.

A vacation can be the jewel of the year for families, a time for renewal. A time away from our hectic schedules. A time to take time.


Short of banning pets completely, I ask that the pet rules be followed.

They must not be allowed to roam around on the beach.
When outside, dogs are to be on a leash at all times including while on the beach. Please don’t let them run up to anyone.

Pets must be free of fleas , must not be left alone to bark, stool must be cleaned  up. Aggressive pets, pets that are not well trained and managed are not welcome and are not wanted.   I do not want pets on the beds, carpets or upholstered chairs. Hair is terribly hard to vacuum.

In times past, though I have asked that the dogs be tied up at all times when outside on occasion this request has been ignored which has resulted with unpleasant neighbor exchanges. This can be avoided if tenants are faithful in keeping the dog tied up even if they see someone else's dog running loose.

Often other cottages are not occupied, but the owners of other properties keep an eye out for the vacant properties so it is important even if other properties are vacant that you not allow your pets to run loose.

Neighbors, should you meet them, can be most pleasant and agreeable but stray dogs on their property will understandably test their patience. If pets are well managed and tied up there  should be no problem and the unpleasant exchanges will be avoided.

Lots of pets have come to my cottage and enjoyed their stay too, as it should be. If the above is followed they are most certainly welcome.

Some Cottage History

Tamarack was built around 1940 and in 1994 a one and a half story was added which triples the floor space. There is also a veranda. The floors are pine, and the walls in the living room are red cedar from BC.

On the ground floor, in the new addition, the ceiling is supported by exposed wood beams from and old house near the Talbot Trail, in the Lake Erie area.   The wide pine floors are from an 1832 magistrates, Georgian house in Ingersoll and the front door and entrance I think are also from near the historic Talbot Trail.

About Bayfield

The cottage is about 3 or 4 minutes from Bayfield. Bayfield is about an hour and 15 minutes north west of London between Grand Bend and Goderich on Lake Huron. I think of it as a smaller version of Niagara On The Lake...granted a lot smaller, but it has its own special charm.  There are few sidewalks if any but instead grassy areas and lots of trees. Many of the homes and cottages have retained their 30's quaint look.

There is a main street shopping area with lovely shops, excellent restaurants and two lovely 1800 Inns...The Albion and The Little Inn. Both of these wonderful old time establishments have double decker verandas that look like they are from a western movie set. You have the choice of eating outside.

I dine in nearly all the restaurants, but The Albion and The Little Inn are my favorites as well as The Black Dog (beside the Albion), that’s a must too. Their food is fantastic with a great menu.

They have musicians from time to time as does the Albion. When my lady and I go to the Little Inn to dine, we start by having our drinks in the parlor in the wing back chairs by the grand piano before moving into the dining room...isn’t life grand!

There is also a restaurant with deck overlooking the harbor. This is located on the north side of the bridge. I love the deck there on a nice summer day when I sit there with my beer in a mug that has been chilled in the freezer and look down on the boats. It’s then I feel that all is right with the world. I usually go there at 3 after having just finished checking the cottage cleaning  between renters.

There is a lovely harbor filled with boats and a wharf on the south side that you can walk out on and several public beaches.

A fun thing to do is walk the trail through trees, down an old road that has been closed to traffic for many years. It has evolved to just a’s like a secluded trail out of a gothic novel. This walking adventure is at the north end of Main Street (that’s the street with all the shops) It goes down the cliff to the harbor...and from there you can walk to the beach and wharf and see a lot of fine boats. I sailed a 35' schooner with 7 sails out of the Bayfield harbor in the 70's and 80's.

Summer Theater

Both Blyth and Grand Bend have live summer theater that I highly recommend. I have had season tickets for Blyth since they opened. Stratford Festival Theater is about one hour east on Hwy 8.

Don’t forget Goderich because it’s a nice place to tour. Goderich has some magnificent huge old homes. I had the second floor rented in the Castle in the 1970's when I was young. The castle is on the north east corner of the town overlooking the harbor. Goderich is about 14 minutes north of Tamarack.

Again, thanks for your interest. I hope you like the pictures and that I have answered your questions. Be sure to book early as it fills up quickly with July, August and June the first to go. I will start accepting bookings for each new year on January 2nd.


From May to Oct inclusive I rent by the week and Nov-April it's by the week or weekends.  Click to see the Cottage Rental Price List.

Half is to be paid at time of booking, non refundable. The balance is to be paid not later than 30 days before arrival date, non refundable. Checks are fine.

To book, phone 519-482-7740 and leave message. Speak slowly and clearly. Please repeat the phone number including your area code. If leaving your name and address include your postal or zip code. Please spell names and use names for letters, M as in Mary for example.

So, that’s it! “The drop dead gorgeous place!” Thank you for visiting my web site. I look forward to your call or email.

Yours for a new holiday experience.

Kelvin Jervis

PS: I usually check my email once a day or phone my answering machine for availability (519) 482-7740 leave message.



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I hope to have provided enough information for you regarding Tamarack lakefront rental cottage in Bayfield Ontario on the shores of Lake Huron. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me by phone or email.